Why your new business does not get sales, and what to do about it?

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Based on my experience as a consultant, it is fairly easy to sell good products that are actually in need — that are useful to solve real problems.

New businesses with a great lineup of products and services typically have no issues generating sales, even through word of mouth, recommendations, and other organic, free, non-techy ways.

Why making sales gets difficult for new businesses?

Things start to become complicated than people don’t need your products, or your marketing is ridiculously bad.

In most cases when a company has difficulties with sales, the main issue is that the business concept, products, or branding are irrelevant for the target customers. I always recommend starting to troubleshoot potential business issues by asking the following questions:

  • Is our product or service useful?
  • What practical and other values it will provide?
  • Are we targeting the right people?
  • Is our company in line with the expectation of our customers?

As discussed and outlined in many studies statistics, and some of my articles — most new businesses fail because the founder, stakeholders, or the management fails to recognize that the market has no interest in their products or services.

Regardless of how innovative, flashy, or feature-rich a product is, people will not buy it if they don’t need it. This is especially true for online businesses.

People don’t believe the marketing bullshit

Back in the early 2010s, almost a decade ago, the internet was very different. It was quite easy to sell anything with a new concept, a new business model, or any innovative factor in it. Which were, in most cases, not more than gimmicks. Think about Dollar Shave Club.

Today, people are already too familiar with internet marketing bullshit. They will not fall for tricks. They downright ignore most advertising, they see through gimmicky marketing messaging. Clickfunnels type sales solutions are often associated with scams. People are far more educated today, and can identify products or services that actually can bring value to their lives. They will buy stuff when they need it, and how they need it.

What to do when your company does not get sales?

During the past years, I have been involved in various startups, small and large businesses. They get me on board when digital marketing and online sales prove to be more challenging compared to how they initially planned. So they invite me to fix their problems.

When marketing companies fail to generate tangible results, stakeholders tend to panic and think along the following lines:

  • Is our advertising any good?
  • Are we active enough on social media?
  • Are we using the latest technology?
  • How about our website? It must be or website that has a problem.

Asking the wrong questions will inevitably lead to incorrect conclusions, like they need a conversion funnel, or a better website — blaming their advertising agency and website developers for the inadequate results.

This way of thinking will not solve the underlying problems, about market demand and values of a product or service.

Instead of trying to fix surface-level problems, conduct a brief market research to assess market demand, relevant customer expectations and buyer preferences.

With Brand Auditor, anyone can conduct a market analysis and get survey-based feedback regarding what the target audience thinks about the company, the product, or services being offered.

If your products and services are correct, then thinking about funnels, conversion strategies and marketing gimmicks will no longer remain necessary.

People will go through inconvenience to purchase what you offer because it represents value for them. Your customers are no longer require too much reassurance, social proof, or similar factors to make up their mind and buy from you.

Successful companies do not need tricks, their products are in demand

If what you are selling is good, then your customers will go out of their way to find you online, to recommend you to other people. And you know longer going to require to run growth hack campaigns and other crap like that.

Did you ever experience any trusted companies trying to lock you in a funnel or bombarding you with reminders? I doubt that. They will only send you meaningful and interesting updates instead of trying to push their customers to hit the checkout button. They do not need that.

Did you ever see Apple emailing you to buy the MacBook that you checked out on their website a few weeks ago?

Did you ever get a call from your nearby Home Depot to explain why buying a hammer would bring additional value to your life? I don’t think so. This is because their products do not need to be explained. They are in demand and they solve a problem.

Instead of trying to solve fundamental business problems with marketing, focus on building useful products. Good marketing is not going to sell your crap product.

Not even the best marketing agency will be able to sell a lackluster product, and there will be no funnels to save you if your products or services are irrelevant for your target customers.

So in case you experience difficulties selling your stuff, do not immediately rush to the conclusion that you have marketing issues, but re-evaluate and validate your business concept.



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