The proud feeling when your business actually starts to make a difference

The best news, that I am the happiest to receive, are positive updates from people who could use my support to make a difference in their bread-and-butter businesses. I am talking about small business owners, first-time entrepreneurs and startup founders.

Today I am happy to share that my crowd-sourced brand, marketing, and business audit system had made a massive difference for over 30 businesses since I started working on it last year. Not only small businesses but also larger ones with established brands.

  • Tech-startups
  • People with personal brands, speakers, and consultants
  • Hotels
  • Local small businesses
  • … and more

Back in September 2020 I had an idea to create a system that enables companies to understand how people perceive their marketing communications. Why do we need such a system? Because management opinions are subjective, and feedback from friends, family, and other people who we personally know is mostly biased and irrelevant.

“Oh, your Instagram content is gorgeous”, “Your LinkedIn profile looks very professional”, “Your website is so nice” … you can hear such feedback from people who do not want to conflict with you, who are not in the shoes of your customers, or else they did not even give a shit to check out your stuff carefully.

I created a system that generates data-based insights regarding what people think of your brand, or any brand, marketing, or business concept. The system collects between 1,000-,1500 responses from in-market customers, benchmarks it with big data that is acquired from various data brokers and market research companies.

In addition, 5 industry-specific expert auditors will also rate the concept and leave their feedback. Based on all this information, graphs, tables and other visualized numerical insights will be prepared automatically.

We have started with a few specialized audits, but due to demand and special requests have soon developed further audit types. Our recent and most sought-after audit right now is the “Business concept audit” that is aimed for new and struggling businesses.

Today, we have a wide range of audits that include:

  • Core brand audit
  • Business concept audit
  • Personal brand audit
  • Marketing communications audit
  • Social media audit
  • Website experience audit
  • … and a few more

Our Hotel Brand Audit even got featured in Hotelier Maldives, a leading hospitality industry media in the Maldives. It is a hotel sales and marketing oriented audit, specifically designed to identify the strengths and weaknesses of your hotel brand, product presentation and how it is seen by your target market. Find out what your audience thinks about your hotel or resort, price quality ratio, and attractiveness, all based on extensive big data and survey feedback.

Needless to say, there are many challenges and unexpected difficulties along the way but who cares, finally I feel that I work for a good cause: helping business owners to thrive. Our business concept audit was specifically created for this purpose. Despite great ideas and best efforts, most businesses never take off. Among various management issues, flawed business concepts, wrong positioning and inadequate marketing are behind most early-stage failures. We are proud to help businesses to research and align their concept to actual market requirements.

Easy going entrepreneur living in Malta. Proud owner of hotel consulting company Daniel Diosi & Partners, and Brand Auditor. Sports, health, good times 🤟

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