Market Sampler Launches New Tools for Market Research Professionals

Market Sampler, a market research software startup just released a tool for market researchers and research professionals. Originally, the system was developed for political and public research purposes for various government agencies in the European Union.

After the expiry of an exclusive use agreement with a German opposition party, the research tool was made available for public use.

The self-service market research tool uses programmatic survey delivery to reach over 1.9 billion people globally on over 4 million public websites and mobile apps. With advanced targeting options by demographics and respondent interests, it is a capable tool for public opinion research, market research, political research, or even brand feedback.

Market Sampler offers maximum flexibility, allowing users to attach files and links to their surveys, add screening questions and use extensive targeting tools by career level, industry, lifestyle, interests, and more.

Daniel Diosi, Founder of Market Sampler shared:

“From the beginning, the point was to create a professional market research tool that makes professional research available for anyone. We are continuously adding new features to enhance the capability of Market Sampler, without increasing cost per response or service prices.”

He added that the core business model of Market Sampler is to keep research prices at a reasonable minimum, providing maximum quantity and quality of data for every user. This is achieved by an AI-assisted survey distribution system and a lean business model that eliminates any unnecessary costs.

“Online companies can spend anywhere up to 20–30% of their to get clients through ads and marketing. We don’t waste our client’s money on ads. We don’t incentivize respondents either. We keep our business overheads at a reasonable minimum so we can keep our prices as low as $0.6 or less for a complete response,” shared Daniel.

Market Sampler is a survey-based data acquisition tool for professional market researchers. The system outputs multi-dimensional data that is suitable for segmenting, filtering, and statistical analysis. The system follows ISO 20252 research and ISO 8000–61 data quality compliance.

Currently, users can access three services:

  • Instant research, which is a self-service instant market research solution

Market researchers and anyone interested are welcome to join the free “Partner Area”. The Partner Area offers a set of additional tools, enhanced research configuration, targeting options, as well as discounts for market research professionals.



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