How to do a customer perception analysis for your business?

What is a customer perception analysis?

Customer perception analysis in business is the process of measuring and understanding what people think about your brand, business concept, or products. This analysis is an important part of a marketing strategy, as the results provide clear indications regarding how to optimize branding and marketing communications.

Preparing your analysis

To conduct a customer perception analysis, collecting feedback from potential customers will be required. Relying on first-hand data is highly recommended, as collecting data yourself will generate significantly more reliable and relevant results.

  1. Number of respondents
  2. Quality of responses
  • Do you think this company is better or worse compared to similar companies?
  • Would you pay for the products of this company?
  • Why is this company better than similar companies?
  • Which product from this company is your favorite?

How to get quality responses from your customers

You might wonder what makes a good response? In a nutshell, quality responses reflect the actual opinion of your respondents. Good answers start with good questions. It is crucial to ask straightforward questions that one can answer precisely. Open-ended questions are not a good practice when doing market research. The best form response options are single choice, multiple-choice, or drop-down. Should you use free-form text input boxes, make sure that your questions will not require long and elaborate answers. Lengthy responses are likely to make the information processing procedure more complicated.

Similarities between brand audits and customer perception analysis

The concept of customer perception analysis is very similar to brand audits in many ways. Both procedures aim to measure the public opinion about a company, products, or services. The major difference between brand audits and customer perception analysis is the approach of data collection.

The risk of not doing customer perception audits

Unfortunately, it is very common among startups and small medium-sized companies to not engage in feedback collection. There are various reasons behind this, typically that the management team does not want to get their initial concepts busted.

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