Fresh Market Research Results Show Where People Plan to Travel in 2022

Turkey, Thailand, Italy and Mexico are among the top destinations for for US, UK, German and French travelers.

Brief research overview

Similar to our previous study about the dietary expectations of Millennials, this research was also targeted at people between 26 and 28 years old. A total of 2,000 valid responses were collected.

  • United States
  • United Kingdom
  • Germany
  • France

Key insights from the 2022 travel planning research

Among all respondents, the top planned visits are to the following destinations, sorted by most trips planned.

  1. Turkey
  2. Thailand
  3. Italy
  4. Mexico
  5. Egypt
  6. Dubai
  7. Spain
  8. Greece
  9. United States
  10. Morocco

Travel budgets, destinations, and status of travel planning

Nearly half of self-proclaimed mid-range travelers have booked their next trip already. Most high-end travelers did the same, while the majority of budget travelers did not book anything yet.

  • Most high-end travelers have planned and booked trips to Italy, Mexico and Greece.
  • European mid-range travelers have plans to visit Dubai, while US mid-range travelers have plans to visit Mexico.
  • The majority of budget travelers have plans to visit Thailand, Egypt, Turkey, and Spain, nearly 50% did not make any arrangements yet.

Interesting insights related to travel purpose

Filtering response data by travel purpose shows a slightly different picture.

How do these research results match with official travel statistics?

Quite well. The public research data shows that Mexico, Italy and the United States, Thailand are among the top destinations for 2022 — among US, UK, French and German travelers.

Would you like to do similar research for your destination?

Market Sampler enables anyone to start an online survey research from $50, targeting non-incentivized respondents worldwide, in any language, for any purpose. With free-form survey creation and detailed targeting options, it is very straightforward to start researching.



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