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A short background story

Back in September 2020, I wanted to prove a client that their social media content sucks. It was a tough one as the default engagement metrics will only show how many people got engaged, but no information about why other people ignore your content.

To prove my opinion, I launched a survey to their audience, and ideal customers on other channels — and most respondents expressed that they usually dislike the marketing communication of the company, because it is not relevant for their problems and interests.

This feedback left my client speechless. Despite the shock, but they were thankful and expressed that they found this information extremely valuable. Why? Because this feedback was not coming from an “expert”, or from a social media manager but was the averaged opinion of hundreds of real-word respondents.

This is how the Brand Auditor started.

Industry-standard data collection and analytical framework

I felt encouraged by the power of customer-feedback and decided to build a comprehensive audit solution that is a significantly better alternative to consultant and freelance, even small agency brand audits. So the work began.

I contacted numerous market research companies, senior branding experts in companies like BMW, Gucci and Hilton to find out how real leaders do it.

After several weeks of learning and analyzing their data collection and analytical systems, I have realized that their brand auditing processes are mostly based on a very similar framework. This strict, extremely data-driven framework and reporting system became the backbone of Brand Auditor, adjusted to the typical branding needs of startups and SME.

All formulas, graphs and insights have been carefully designed to display brand analysis information give answers to questions that matter for startups and SME the most.

Proprietary data and first-hand data collection

Once the brand audit framework was given, the next question popped up: how to get quality, reliable data and information to make the reporting system work?

We choose to base on data on 3 types of information

  • First-hand collection with in-market and relevantly targeted online surveys
  • Buying proprietary data from market research companies
  • Employing 5 expert auditors who analyze the clients’ branding

These 3 types of data and information are blended carefully in our reports — giving the clients valuable reliable insights instead of opinionated ideas and comments that are available on the market.

Fair pricing, to make it available for anyone who needs a professional audit

Since Brand Auditor was created for startups and small to medium businesses, including one-person companies, family businesses and e-commerce websites — we wanted to price it in a way that it will provide maximum value.

Out question was: how can we give maximum information and value for a price that is considerably less than the current market-average price?

First, we had to see what others are selling. We ordered a number of audits from branding agencies, freelance consultants and other independent experts from all around the world to find out that most of them:

  • They charge between $3,000–$5,000 for a comprehensive audit
  • Their audits solely rely on their personal research and opinion
  • They will try to upsell additional services like SEO, design services, etc.

Based on these findings, our prices became:

  • $1,900 for a Core Brand Audit
  • $500 for audits focused on particular areas of brand and marketing communication

The whole list of available audits are here:

Easy going entrepreneur living in Malta. Proud owner of hotel consulting company Daniel Diosi & Partners, and Brand Auditor. Sports, health, good times 🤟

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