What is a customer perception analysis?

Customer perception analysis in business is the process of measuring and understanding what people think about your brand, business concept, or products. This analysis is an important part of a marketing strategy, as the results provide clear indications regarding how to optimize branding and marketing communications.

Preparing your analysis

To conduct a customer perception analysis, collecting feedback from potential customers will be required. Relying on first-hand data is highly recommended, as collecting data yourself will generate significantly more reliable and relevant results.

The quality and value of the analysis rely on the following three factors:

Brand Audit, brand auditor, brand audit company
Brand Audit, brand auditor, brand audit company
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Keller’s definition of a brand audit, from 2003:

A brand audit is a comprehensive examination of a brand, involving activities to assess the health of a brand, uncover its sources of equity, and suggest ways to improve and leverage that equity.

​Today, in 2021, brand audits can be carried out entirely online. Based on thousands of feedback and responses from in-market customers, it is possible to measure what people think about a brand. …

Brand Auditor pricing

​Brand audit costs depend on several variables, typically on the scope of the audit, level of details, and amount of data required to conduct the research. Popular marketing agencies, sought-after consultants, and branding experts might also charge a hefty premium.

Our pricing is purely dependent on the market research size, data acquisition costs, and the number of aspects a client would like to analyze.

A typical brand audit by Brand Auditor costs somewhere between $1000 to $1500. This includes over 10,000 feedback records from 2,000+ survey responses — from your target audiences. …

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As per basic economics, people who have more money than they need are looking for investment opportunities. The easily available options like bonds, saving accounts are just enough to cover inflation rates, so it makes people look for higher-yielding options.

Most investors like to diversify. The motivation behind diversification is to achieve optimal security and returns at the lowest possible risk. Angel investors typically invest their own money for the above-explained reasons.

To approach investors successfully one needs to understand that these people do not want to save your business or donate money to you, neither to sponsor your idea…

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Based on my experience as a consultant, it is fairly easy to sell good products that are actually in need — that are useful to solve real problems.

New businesses with a great lineup of products and services typically have no issues generating sales, even through word of mouth, recommendations, and other organic, free, non-techy ways.

Why making sales gets difficult for new businesses?

Things start to become complicated than people don’t need your products, or your marketing is ridiculously bad.

In most cases when a company has difficulties with sales, the main issue is that the business concept, products, or branding are irrelevant for the target customers…

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Imagine yourself sipping your tea or coffee while working on a project, and all of a sudden your phone goes beep beep. You check your notifications and see that a not-so-close contact of yours has sent a message like:

Hey, I need your help. There is this project, blah blah blah…

The message goes on and on about how important the project is, and it would be great if you could help out. …

The best news, that I am the happiest to receive, are positive updates from people who could use my support to make a difference in their bread-and-butter businesses. I am talking about small business owners, first-time entrepreneurs and startup founders.

Today I am happy to share that my crowd-sourced brand, marketing, and business audit system had made a massive difference for over 30 businesses since I started working on it last year. Not only small businesses but also larger ones with established brands.

Back in…

How do you know if your branding works? The answer is simple: it attracts real engagements, generates demand for your products and services, and enables a profound connection between your company and it’s customers.

What if your brand does not work? You will see increasing marketing and advertising costs to maintain results, poor engagement, lack of interest for your company, and little to no organic growth.

The most common issue behind a brand that does not work, is that it was not aligned well to fit the sensitive reality of its target audience and potential customers. Let’s face it: most…

The gig economy has been growing fast during the past decade as digitalization enabled it. Companies and small businesses are outsourcing creative works, market research, advertising management and all sorts of temporary gigs to freelancers and independent professionals, as this way of getting things done requires significantly less financial and legal commitments.

The reason I write this article is highlight the risks of being a freelancer to those who are new to the industry. For a couple of years I also worked as a freelancer, then I decided to scale up as the risks were outwheighting the benefits.

The glorified freelance lifestyle vs the harsh economics of forced entrepreneurship

I am very excited to introduce the latest addition to our growing range of audits: the personal brand audit. This audit option was inspired by a number of customers asking for it, so we created one. We believe that this is an excellent tool for people seeking public exposure or developing a high-profile professional image. Consultants, politicians, speakers and people in industries where a strong personal brand matters will find it very useful.

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